My Recommendations for January 22nd, 2015

Good morning folks! It’s a wet, chilly, and rainy day here in DFW. Supposed to stay that way all day too. Looks like the West coast and the Northeast is getting the same treatment. Not too bad on the rest of the map though. So since it’s such a dreary day here, lets see what has in store for us.

These selections are free at time of posting. Always check the price before ordering as I am not responsible for any purchases you might make.





















Whoa!! HUGE selection today!!! There’s gotta be a little something for everyone. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page here. Have a great day and enjoy!

My Recommendations for January 12th, 2015

Good morning folks! I took a little break yesterday, but I’m back today with some more great picks. Just needed a breather for a day is all. 🙂 Hopefully Amazon has decided to give us a good selection today. As always these are free at time of posting!


















Wow!!!! What an excellent selection today! There’s a ton of great books here, so dig in!

My Recommendations for January 5th, 2015.

Good morning folks. Another chilly morning here in DFW, but at least the sun is shinning. Kiddos are up and running so I’m gonna get this done hopefully with only a few interruptions. lol. Let’s see what Amazon has decided to give us today. As always, these are free at time of posting.











Enjoy today’s selections! 🙂

My Recommendations for December 28th, 2014.

Good morning! Sure is chilly this morning here in DFW. I even bumped up the heater a tad. Looks like kiddos are finally on the mend at my house so hopefully we’ll all be sleeping better soon. It’s Sunday, so lets curl up with a good book and see what we can find. As always, these are free at time of posting.














Wow! Phenomenal selection today!!!! Enjoy!