Kindle eBook Steals for June 25th, 2015

Good morning folks! Gonna be another hot one here in the metro. I want to get a little serious with you here today. Last night on the news I learned of the drowning of a 10 year old girl in an apartment complex pool. Her 9 and 11 year old brothers also almost drowned, but they were able to be saved. The pool water was so murky and cloudy that rescuers couldn’t even locate the poor girl at first. The mother of the children couldn’t swim and was helpless to save her children. This tragedy could have been avoided on several counts. So let’s talk about that. First off, GET SWIMMING LESSONS. There should always be someone at the pool with children that can swim. How are you going to rescue them if you’ll drown in the process? Secondly, visibility. This is an apartment complex pool.. therefore it should be crystal clear. If it’s not. STAY OUT! I’m sure there’s much more information that will be coming out about this in the future. Mainly people, just be safe. Watch your kids, and make sure that they’re with someone that knows what to do in an emergency. I urge all parents (honestly everyone should do this) to take CPR classes. The maintenance man for the complex pulled two of the children out of the water (he didn’t even know about the third) and gave them CPR. Without this man’s intervention, this would be an even greater tragedy. Stay safe out there folks

Ok enough of my preaching. On to the books! Let’s see what has for us today.

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