Kindle eBook Steals for June 24th, 2015

Good morning folks! It’s gonna be another hot one here in DFW with a high of 96 today. I know some of you up in the PNW are seeing a lot higher temperatures already this year, which is just crazy. It’s always a trip when my Grandparents in Idaho are seeing much higher (100+) temps than I am here in Texas. Crazy crazy weather. I always find it fascinating how weather patterns change year after year. Like, this year, we got a TON of snow (for us) and then so much rain that there’s massive flooding. Have you seen the red river lately?

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photo courtesy of  WFAA8 via JR Hehnley @stormchasing

Crazy right? I can’t think in the years that I’ve lived down in the Oklahoma/Texas area that it’s ever been even CLOSE to this high. Okay, okay, I’ve talked about weather enough.. On to the books! Time to find out what has in store for us today.

These selections are free at time of posting. Always check the price before ordering as I am not responsible for any purchases you might make.

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