One Spark // Water Me Green

Great information for urban homesteaders. Those of us that are apartment dwellers can especially benefit from vertical horticulture.

Somewhere in the City

Plants are growing up–literally. The reason behind this vertical shift is because agriculture emits more greenhouse gas than planes, trains, and automobiles combined.

Come again?

With manufacturing fertilizer, storing, packaging, shipping, and delivering food, the entire process of getting that food to the table involves an awful lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture also consumes plenty of land; but, thanks to an innovative new technology, plants can now skip out on the farmland and move into apartments instead. The solution behind this cozy downsizing is an aeroponic tower that even Rapunzel would love.

One Spark is right around the corner, and so is Tito of Water Me Green. When Tito’s son was born, he and his wife realized that their son couldn’t grow to be all he can be while munching on potato chips and hot dogs. They knew that their son needed and deserved wholesome, nutritious food. This desire to…

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