How To Compost Citrus Effectively

I didn’t know this about citrus! Great information to know!

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For gardeners, composting their kitchen waste is a habit that pays off with beautiful fresh compost every year. It’s natural, amazingly beneficial to the garden and, most importantly, free! However, there is a lot of debate about what can go into a compost bin and this leaves many new gardeners feeling confused and unsure when they first start out.

Should I Compost Citrus or Should I not?

Many experienced gardeners will recommend not adding citrus peelings. There are a variety of reasons given for this, from the acidity of the waste to the fact that citrus peels take an unusually long time to break down.  Here we take a look at each of these possible problems and the steps you can take to avoid them.

Speed Up Citrus Composting

Turning out your beautiful new compost onto the ground at the end of the season can be spoiled by having to…

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