Bottle Raising Baby Goats

Here’s a great article for all you folks with goats out there. I know several of you are already getting babies, and in case this is your first year, this article may have some good information for you. Even if you’ve been doing this for a while you may learn something new, so check it out and enjoy!

Mid-South Homestead Education

HowToBottleFeedBabyGoats    Step 1: Let them play on your furniture.

I am a big advocate for dam raising. I believe it’s the best practice for healthy and happy goat kids and goat mamas. I also believe it’s important for the mama goats to teach their kids how to be goats. Some people choose to routinely bottle raise either to practice CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) prevention or as the simplest way to make kids friendly. However, practicing CAE prevention in a herd like mine where all the goats are tested CAE negative is not necessary. It’s also not necessary to bottle-raise in order to create friendly goats. The key to having people-friendly goats is to spend time with them at a young age, whether that time is spent giving them a bottle or simply sitting with them and letting them use you as a trampoline.

IMG_12472 This is my first bottle kid, Wybie.

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