Making Cupcakes

This is a wonderful, wonderful idea. Let’s make lopsided cupcakes! Who doesn’t need a moment to just enjoy life, without pretenses or expectations. Just enjoy.

Flowers in the Desert

I learned a lot during my time as an Army Wife. The knowledge I have runs the gamut from how to put patches on a uniform, to how to navigate the military healthcare, to the right clothes to wear to any sort of Army function.

But the most important lesson I learned is perhaps the one I turn to the most.

It’s about the quality of time, versus the quantity. My husband was gone for approximately half of the first four years of our marriage. That means that for Sprout, my oldest, he was gone for half of her life as well. He was gone more than he was here.

We learned to treasure the time he was here, to make the most of each day that we could. If it was nothing more than coloring on the sidewalk and painting on my kitchen walls, we tried to pack as…

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